MOJAVE Help Desk.
I don't like this comic! Why do I always end up there?
Someone told me to go here, but I don't like this site!
I'm Having major problems with my computer and I can't view your site!
I only see a horrible red x!
I don't understand the image links on your site! What am i supposed to do?
It takes too long to see the image!
I want to review your comic without registering! I want to comment! Do you have a guest book or a forum?
I like your comic! I want to participate!
You know, your comic isn't that funny!
Any last words? (Do you feel lucky punk?")
Got Here By Mistake?
More than likely you got here through a search engine like Google. ( In order for a engine to list me you probably were looking for a online comic or you typed in phrases that were in my meta tags. Meta tags are phrases i put in the source code of my web page so that i can be listed in engines, you can look at my meta tags by viewing the source. Internet explorer has this ability in the default bar on the top of your screen, if you are using AoL right click and choose the option "view source". Really the only way to find me is by typing "mojave comic" in an engine. It is unlikely that you typed just "mojave" and came here. If by chance this is what happened, you probably wanted to go to the MOJAVE 3 website ( or information on the Mojave desert itself. (
Someone MadeYou Come Here?
I'm guessing it was a link? Then you came here from Childhood Miseries, Hale has a lot of good links, but I think she only linked to me cause she was new and I really liked her comic and sent her mail. I don't have any other links that I know of. I'm sorry if I wasted your time. It's a risk of being on the internet and it saddens me that i am part of your problem. Other reasons are that you clicked on something I wrote in a forum (castlevania forum) or however unlikely someone else in a forum or a friend of yours. You don't have to click on these links. And it's unfair for someone in a forum to post a link and then talk about it, i know. You wanted to go to a forum and you didn't want to get redirected by some jerk who wanted to share an animated GIF about nuns in a pie eating contest. So do you and the community a favor and complain, ask people to elaborate on what the link is to, or just don't click! Same with your friends, if you don't like comics, or you just are not in the mood, it's unfair for your friends to force you to go. So don't. They should understand. Quite possibly you came here through online comics or the keen guide or drunk duck, but that shouldn't be a problem, there is no reason for you to click there if you don't want to.
Server Error? 405 Page?
*Currently I don't understand the current problem with the keen tags and the past comics, but it should fix itself soon, because i know it's not my fault, all the comics still here. It might not be your problem, I use a sever that is unreliable, because it's free and I am poor. Unfortunately the site is sometimes down. Also I make mistakes, so an image on the site might not exist! So Email me ( and i will answer your questions. Usually if you scroll down you can see text that is my message to the world, it says what I'm up to. If you ARE having problems with your computer there are a few possibilities. More than likely you installed adware, or someone else installed adware on your computer and your computer is "clotting up" and slowing down. It is unlikely that you have a virus unless you are downloading unusual attachments from emails and spam. The hype behind most viruses is just hype. But it all depends on what Operating System you have. If you are new to the net you probably have some form of WINDOWS, such as Windows XP, NT, 95-98 and so on. All windows OS's have to be updated and patched at their site ( Other OS's have similar problems, get to know your OS! If you are having connection problems, (I assume you can connect at least temporarily.) You should call your internet service provider. Chances are this is AoL or some other provider. They have numbers you can call. If you are plagued by pop ups and you keep getting redirected to ominous sites, or you have way too many toolbar's on Internet Explorer. You probably have been hijacked. Go to Computer Cops to help yourself out: (Security!)
No Comic, Just a Red "x"?
*The Keen tags do not work, not my fault though... It is very unlikely that this is my fault, (well maybe it is but that would be rare and you can e-mail me if this happens.) Reload the page, most browsers have a reload or refresh button on their top browser. It is sometimes likely that some of the intermediate images don't exist, because I'm an idiot. But If that happens you can tell me. Right clicking on an image usually brings up an options menu, pick an option such as "show picture". If this is still a problem, then yeah it's probably my fault, but if the site isn't working properly just complain to me, and I'll try to help.
What are these "Image Links?"
These image links? . These are places where you can find other comics that are not mine, or, however unlikely, you can vote for me at "online comics" or review my comic at Buzz Comix, In order to do this you have to register with BCX though, Now registration only requires an email address, but I understand if you don't want to do it. I don't actually try to get people to do these things, I put the online comics image because its a requirement for me to be included on their list. Buzz Comix is just an option i suppose, but I might get rid of that seeing as it looks kind'a stupid.
Your Machine is "Clotting" or is the Comic Too Big?
Your browser might be slow, or you are listening to music on your computer and generally trying to actually multitask on an OS like windows or mackintosh. Usually your best bet for windows users is to do one thing at a time. If you are on Windows XP, press control alt delete and a "Task Manager" will pop up, go to the "Processes" tab and count the exe's that say "owner". If you have thirty or more of exe's that you never heard of, you got troubles G. Go to computer cops (here) , or tech TV (call for help website). If you want to download the comic, you can, but be nice. Chances are this isn't your major problem, chances are you have a slow modem, and I'm sorry but my comics are sometimes huge, in the future I'll try to keep my comics under 200kb. Reducing the size of my images is priority number one on my To do list.
Yes! You Can Interact!
You can review and vote for me at Drunk Duck ( without registering! It may look like you have to, but you don't! Just type in an alias that you want to use in the field provided below the current comic, and then type your message. You can vote for me by scrolling that box that says "Comment!" down, you can vote a 1,2,3,4,5 and a "no vote". I don't have a guest book, but other people will see your comments if you comment on drunk duck. You can register with drunk duck and talk about my comic in the forums( under "Discuss drunk duck comics" topic if you want, but you don't have to.
You Like Me! You Really Like Me?
don't make me blush, but if this is true then it is odd, because I'm not popular, and probably never will be, but I'm ok with that. Sure, you can help me if you want. Emailing me would be a start. But if you don't want to interact with me on a personal level, (I admit i don't interact with the people who make comics that i read.) you can mention me in forums, how do you do this? Usually there is a button that says link, etc. This is what it should look like:
<A HREF="">Write a quip description of what the link is!</A>
I don't have any banners right now available to the public, but if you have a website and want to link to me, you can do it without one. If you want me to link to you, I'll link to you if your comic is good. I really don't care if you link to me, so you can't bribe me with that no matter how popular you are. If you are a sprite comic, i never consider that good, sorry I'm a jackass. If you are good, I'll link to you even if you think i suck and you don't want to link back.
Please Alter Your Comic! I am Offended!
Short answer. No. But you can email me with specific problems. Yes my site is supposed to be for kids, and if you think it's not, tell me specifically why, you are probably right and I'll delete a comic that is "bad", but chances are they will stay up because there are two things people don't realize. This comic is for eleven year-old's and up. My comic is not suited for under eleven. It's a little more aware than that. If you're a kid who reads Bruce Coville or Harry Potter or Beverly Cleary or Lewis Carroll then this comic is for you. If you are an adult who still likes cartoons or comic books, like me, this comic is also for you. If you want a fantasy story that is mature then go to Axar, its a little deeper than me, or if you want a comic that is perverted or immature go to Ghastly's or Sexy Losers. (I go there sum times, hee!) Other changes? As in art or story development? Totally make suggestions, those things don't offend me at all! I want to make comics that people can enjoy. You can make character sketches the way you want characters to look, you can send guest comics, just make sure the width is no bigger than 550 pixels if you want others to see it. You can send in art that you want only me to see. You can send art you want the whole world to see. If you have a comic book idea, and it's got a lot of quality to it, you can tell me.
How Come Every Comic Isn't Funny?
I stopped producing comic strips: I produce a graphic novel now, not a comic strip that would be found in newspapers, I follow the rough guidelines of comics such as New Mutants (ah.... the new new new mutants!) and Spectacular Spider-man. Although I'm the first to admit I'm not up to par with those guys.
What's With All the Clint Eastwood, FLCL, Castlevania, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Stuff?
The important thing to realize is that if you have questions just ask and if you think it's a good idea to post the answers here, I'll do it. I only do things on special request now. Merchandise, fan art, guest comics, ext, and I'm more than willing to do anything, to help a brother out. I'm not really into computers but I'll help you out there too. If you have a problem that's unrelated to the comic, I'll look into it for you as much as i can. Thanks.
1. Got to fill out fasfa and get ready for spring clasess somewhere, or summer?
*got my taxes pretty much taken care of. there's going to be so many mistakes cause my mom won't tell me any information( she has a SUPER secret government job!) If any of you know of L3 government communications and it's liabilitys I'l be glad to join you in a public suit! (Joking there.) 2. Research Roxie's Diary III part of Roxie's Diary story line.
*i finnished! Go see it by clicking the link above!

Not happy with my list? Want to make suggestions? Email! Or talk about it at my preview site Drunk Duck!*You can preview all the comics coming up and vote for them, Also you can make suggestions and point out mistakes and I will Fix them.